Everyone's buying ROTMG items! So why not buy your items for cheaper?

The way we handle business here at EzMadGodStuff is super fast and easy!
Here are the steps:
     1)  Add the items you need to your personal cart.
     2)  Click "Pay with PayPal" and fill in your information in regards to your form of payment on the PayPal site. (You do not need a pre-existing PayPal account)
             NOTE: For faster service, include your in-game name (ign) and the server to meet on in the "Instructions to Seller" text field during the payment process.
     3)  One of our staff members will contact you regarding where we will meet you (in-game) to deliver your order if you do not specify this information to us.
             NOTE: Check your email!

NOTE: If you prefer, we can set up a mule account for you with your order already on it so that you can get your items when you have the time. Just type "Mule" in the "Instructions to Seller" text field when you make your purchase through PayPal.

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