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  1. How do I recieve my order?

    Our "Shipping" page clearly lays out each individual step taken in order to ensure your orders are delivered to you from one of our trustworthy staff members.

  2. How long will it take to recieve my order?

    When you complete your purchase, our staff will be notified immediately.  One of our staff members will contact you within the next few minutes. If you add your in-game character name to the "Instructions to Merchant" text field when you make your purchase, our staff members will know who to deliver to without having to email you, asking for such information.

  3. What if I have to wait for my order to be delivered longer than I wanted to?

    If there is ever a time when our staff members are very busy and cannot deliver your order right away, you will be compensated one defense potion for every 30 minutes you have to wait.

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  1. How do I know you won't scam me?

    We are a company based on honesty and integrity.  Also, our "Testimonials" Page shows the public the comments we recieve from customers whom purchase items from our Store. Feel free to add your comments as well, be it good or bad!

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  1. Are you guys currently hiring suppliers?

    At the moment we are not hiring suppliers.

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  1. How often, if ever, do you buy from outside individuals?

    If you obtain an item in-game that you think we may be interested in selling in our store, contact us via E-mail regarding what item you have.  We may be able to arrange a deal.  This is a rare case, but it does happen every now and again.

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